How can I help?

What is U.M. ARMY-Rio TX?

We are a Christ-centered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is three fold:

  • Serving people in need who have no other means of serving themselves.
  • Providing young people an opportunity to mature in their faith-walk and life skills through Christian service.
  • Enhancing adult participants’ Christian walk.

Why does U.M. ARMY-Rio TX need your financial help?

Each U.M. ARMY-Rio TX participant pays between $200 and $250 to register for camp. This fee covers only a portion of the total expenses for camp operations for the camp week. The escalating costs of lumber, paint, building materials, gasoline, trash removal, food, worship materials, and evening recreational expenses easily exceed this amount. Raising fees to cover these costs limits youth and adult participation. Additional funding allows us to more fully meet the needs of our clients: the elderly, low-income, and disabled homeowners in our work areas. U.M. ARMY-Rio TX  just finished up its 15th year of camps and has impacted the lives of thousands of people by furthering the body of Christ.

Send a donation directly to our office

P.O. Box 12170
College Station, TX 77842

Have a special offering at your church and send it in to

United Methodist Center

16400 Huebner Road
San Antonio, TX 78248-1693

We are Rio TX Conference Approved Advance Special #2026 and this will help your church meet its 5 star giving goal and support U.M. ARMY-Rio TX  at the same time!
Host a dinner party at your home, office, or church. U.M. ARMY-Rio TX  will send representatives who will lead a presentation about our program.
Ideas? Do you have a great fundraising idea? If so, contact Jenny Monahan.